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What would you do??? (Cross-posted to anti_bad_terps, aslterps and <lj comm

New Student: But there's no interpreter in that class. Can I be in here today?
His former teacher: Do you think you're always going to have an interpreter with you? No. Go to your class.

For starters, I need to say I work in a residential treatment facility for kids (under 21), so sometimes we have special circumstances where kids can't be placed together. However...

We have a new deaf student. Well, really he's an old resident who was sent back. His schedule was supposed to be the same as it was when he was here 2 months ago, since it's almost the end of the semester and he isn't getting credit anyway. But, for reasons they won't tell me (his interpreter) or him, they won't put him in his last hour class with the other mainstreamed Deaf kids. I told the teacher flat-out that it was stupid, and she said "too bad for him." Our principal and registrar were both gone today, so I promised the student we'd talk to them on Monday.

My question is this: What would you do? Even if there is a legitimate reason why he can't be in science, how is it okay to put him in a gym class with all hearing kids and a teacher who doesn't sign? It's ridiculous. And it made me REALLY pissed. I asked our one Deaf employee (a TA) what she thought, and she said, "that's bullshit, and against the law." I agree completely. So what do I do? I've tried arguing these things with them before, and they don't listen. They already have one Deaf girl in an art class without an interpreter, because I'm in another class, and they won't hire another interpreter. They seem to think that it's okay to mainstream a kid without an interpreter as long as it's not a core class.
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