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it's amazing how many thoughts a tram can contain

just one of these frustrating days

I've just came from a class and frustratingly, the class felt like a complete waste of the time. The interpreter for that class... well, she was lousy.

I don't like criticising or judging other people's Auslan skills. *My* Auslan isn't that flash, and the skills of my friends ranges from these who know nil to these who are masters of the language. They're all equally my friends, however. I don't want my friends to feel that I put a value on our friendship depending on their language skills, because that's simply not the case at all. So, that's one reason why I don't like to evaluate people's signing skills - and also because, as with all other skills, it's something that depends on a lot of factors. Ahh.

But when you have a qualified interpreter who is getting paid for his/her services and who CAN'T SIGN PROPERLY, that seriously sucks. Argh. It was her first year working as an interpreter, so if she wasn't quite up to the par, that'd be understandable but I've seen first year Auslan students sign more clearly and with more expression than that interpreter. I'm just pissed off that I had to waste that 1.5 hours. The first half hour, I tried to follow her but it took far too much concentration, too far much trying-to-piece-the-bits-together from her sloppy and unprecise signing, and in the next half hour I started to fall behind, started to lose track. The last half hour I didn't bother at all.

I'm also still a bit upset because I found out the other night that one of my favourite interpreters has RSI so severe that apparently she was told that she couldn't do any interpreting for 18 months, and she's now in a position where it'll be a struggle to communicate with her deaf friends - she's very strongly involved in the Deaf community so in some ways the least loss will be her profession. (not that's an easy thing either...)

And, oh yeah, the interpreter was cramming food in her mouth in between snatches of interpreting. What the go?

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