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feedback/comments please!


I am in the process of completing an application for a competition called 'Realise Your Dream'.  This competition is to improve cultural relationships between Australia and the  UK in the creative industries.  My dream study the presence of sign language interpreters on UK music television programs, and then to adopt and establish a similar project in Australia
.  Details of the competition can be seen on this website: - the prize includes airfares to and from the UK, and the British Council will develop a work experience program for me in my chosen area.

As part of my application I have created an online portfolio of my work and achievements in sign-singing.  The portfolio can be viewed at or </a></b></a>signsinger

I am seeking comments/feedback on my performances, and any thoughts or opinions on whether the need for language access to music exists for the Deaf community.  All comments, either negative or positive, are appreciated and will be of great help.  F
eel free to post your comments on the blog, or simply send me an email ( and I can publish your comments on your behalf.  In your comments, please indicate if you identify as Deaf/HoH/HI/hearing.  If you are hearing, please indicate your connection to the Deaf community and/or your interest in sign singing.

It would be appreciated if you could leave your comments by Thursday 31st July (this is when the application is due), however feel free to post comments after this date.

Any comments greatly appreciated!!

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