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Looking for Deaf performers for the fall

Hi everyone,

I recently took the reins of my college's ASL Collective (at Hampshire College in MA), and as part of that I am supposed to organize a Deaf event for the coming semester. I was wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations of Deaf performers, presenters, or groups that you've seen. We recently (just this weekend actually) hosted a performance of the Flying Words Project with Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner, and that got a great response from the community. We had a fair number of students come, but even more exciting was the fact that about 2/3 of the audience were Deaf people from the area who heard about the event. We're looking to do something similar in the fall, but with different performers.

Does anyone have recommendations of really good Deaf performers that we might try to book for the fall? Any stories you have to tell about performances you've seen would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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