Ariel (madtom_o_bedlam) wrote in anti_bad_terps,

Questions from a confused hearing man.

I have a question.

I live in the San Francisco bay area. Last weekend was the DeafNation Expo. I'm a hearing guy, in his second class of ASL. I like to go to as many deaf events as possible to practice and perhaps learn something. While I was at this event there was an organization, I've got their card out in the goody bag from the Expo in the car, so I don't recall their name, but they wanted to recruit me as an interpreter. They didn't care that I'd had 1 full class and was in the middle of my second. This worried me. Has anybody heard of this? Is it better to have somebody who can understand if you sign slowly enough or no interpreter at all?

Now give me another 4 or 5 years, I think I may make a bang up terp, if I can master the language.
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