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hey y'all!

hey guys, I just stumbled across this community and had to join!!

I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I'm from Nebraska. And I'm deaf, of course.

I've been blessed, I've had good interpreters pretty much my entire school career. Some of them are even my friends outside of school. But there are always exceptions...

in high school I would sometimes get the worst subs ever. I was in a lot of honors and AP classes at school so that was bad considering some of these subs couldn't even keep up with the pace of the class. I had this one terp who would constantly fall asleep, read trashy romance novels, or go "Sorry, I don't know how to say that word. I dunno how to spell that. That wasn't important. You don't need to know that. I'm so tired of signing, I'm gonna rest my hands now." and I'm like, what the fuck? I don't care, it's your friggin' JOB to interpret what's going on. I guess that didn't matter because she couldn't even keep up with the damn class anyway. I had better luck reading the teacher's lips. ha.

And this other one I had in my junior year, she was kind of a "permanent" sub, because one of our regulars was on personal leave for a while. she was in my physics class, which was super easy in itself, so it wasn't like i was struggling with anything in there. (i pretty much played my gameboy and did crosswords in there the entire year) anyway, whenever we were assigned book work or a worksheet to do, she would sit across my table and try to help me. she would try to tell me what certain words meant and how to get certain answers. and i'm like thinking "you dumbass, i know what that word fucking means. i know how to do this shit, i didn't ask for your help. i don't need your help, i'm not retarded." ... i had to tell her to back off a lot. jeeez.

i've talked to the head interpreter (who is fantastic by the way) about these terps before and she said she knows they are not the best terps ever but they are the best we can get, since my school is being a tightwad with hiring new QUALIFIED terps. the terp in my physics class wasn't even certified, if ANYTHING she should have been interpreting for elementary school, not high school. gah.

well, these are my stories... ha. for the most part i've been lucky, but of course, there are always exceptions.
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